It never ceases to amaze me at the short-sightedness/ignorance/selfishness of wuwt denizens

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The Botox generation explanation for climate change fear

Eric Worrall says:

About species adaption – in the South of Australia, you see seagulls everywhere, eating scraps, pecking for bugs, surviving, thriving.
Up here in the warmer North, you see hardly any seagulls – instead you sea Ibises everywhere, eating scraps, pecking for bugs, surviving, thriving.
Even further North, closer to the Equator, Ibises give way to birds of paradise.
Does it really make a pink fig of difference to my life, what kind of bird pecks at the bugs on my lawn?

bwanajohn says:

Poor Rod, he must live in a climatically controlled environment and never, ever go outside. Rod, here’s a clue – most species experience >delta 4C every day. What makes you think they can’t adapt over 100+ years?

Eamon Butler says:
I’m assuming Rod is a minor, but I hope he has learned a valuable lesson here. You can rest assured, young man, there is no scary climate monster hiding under your bed. Tell your friends about how you learned some real science here on WUWT.
I do not think anyone believes that human life on earth will be threatened but perhaps many will suffer.
4°C is talked about here. If this is just all that happens then it is obvious that there will still be ice in Antarctica and perhaps some northern latitudes will be, assuming T rise is all that happens, more pleasant.
However, the simple 4°C rise will make equatorial living very unpleasant. Life here will try to migrate into cooler climates. And of course most of the wuwt denizens would be against any form of immigration from the third world!
But 4°C is not all that will happen
  • Precipitation will change, more snow more rain in some places,
  • Storms fed from a higher energy system will be more extreme - let's see trees pull up roots and move to a safer location.
  • Greenland ice cap will shrink and sea levels will rise.
  • etc
Nothing too catastrophic but certainly no pleasant or cheap to adapt to.

But the wuwt denizens seemingly are unable to see beyond "I'm cold so 4°C warmer will make life for ME more pleasant"
They are incapable of seeing beyond their own back yard, their own family, their own wallet, their own lifetime. "I'm all right, Jack"

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